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Are you starting your Data journey? Or, are you at a point that you need help? AtoBI, as industry experts will walk you through the process and ensure that your Organisation has the best of breed solutions..

Boosting the Impact of your Data

In the course of managing your company’s data systems, you might decide that you need a little professional help getting things to run optimally.

Maybe your solution isn’t executing the way you thought it would, or you aren’t finding the answers to your company’s most pressing questions or issues. At AtoBI we are  ready to help. Let us walk you through the process and show you how working with our Consultants will you optimise your solutions. 

We’re ready to tackle your greatest challenges

No matter how challenging your data situation is, we’re confident we can figure it out. We have a wealth of experience with resolving difficult business intelligence situations, and we’re ready to apply our knowledge to whatever issues you’re dealing with.

Even if you have multiple data sets in an unstructured analytical model, that’s not a problem. We have the patience to get to the bottom of your toughest dilemmas and find real, tangible solutions.

No matter what industry you’re in, we want you to feel comfortable getting help from strong Consultants. At AtoBI, we have a wealth of experience across many different sectors and business structures; we can take any company, of any size, to the next level.

How we build relationships with our clients

If you’re considering working with us, it would benefit you to understand how we build client relationships, from the moment we make first contact with a new client to when we follow through and execute a complete Solution.

At AtoBI, we believe this is a long-term process, and it’s important to proceed with care. Our first step toward building relationships with our future customers is doing a lot of networking and getting to know key contacts in the field. Whether it’s by talking to people at industry events, interacting online or just cold-calling companies, we look to make connections with people and discuss what sorts of solutions they may need.

Once we find clients who have an interest in our services, we get one of our Consultants to go and chat with them about their technical outlook. Where do they stand now, in terms of the toolsets they’re using? What are their future goals? What can we do to draw up new data strategies for them, helping them achieve their objectives? This is an ongoing conversation.

Finding the right BI tools for your needs

One of the reasons you work with a business intelligence consultancy is you want to find the best possible BI tools to assist your business. At AtoBI, we want to help make that happen.

This is an open-ended proposition – it might mean modifying what you have already, or it could entail drawing up something completely new.

If you don’t have a BI solution yet, that’s OK. We’re happy to sit down with you, discuss your needs and figure out what sort of tool will work best foryou. We have a number of vendors at our disposal, so we’re confident we can find something that works.

If you already have a BI solution in place but you aren’t sure if it’s fully utilised, that’s fine too. Our consulting experts are able to carry out a detailed BI Healthcheck and provide a report of recommendations in line with your current needs and expectations. The solution can then be agreed and modified until it’s the right fit for you.

Searching for solutions that will satisfy you

At the end of the day, the goal is to get you the best possible BI solutions.

That might mean using one of the many vendors within our portfolio, or it could mean admitting that you’re better off going with someone else. Either way, we pledge to level with you and give you the truth. To find the best BI solutions for you, we have to be honest about your needs and how best to meet them.

When you look to partner with the right BI solution vendor, you look first and foremost for someone who will represent your best interests. At AtoBI, that’s us. We are committed to doing what’s best for your business and, in the long run, earning your trust.

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