What's your vision for making the most of BI?

There's been a lot of discussion in recent years about the value of business intelligence – especially in healthcare, where gathering and analysing better information has the potential to save people's lives. In fact, according to a recent study from HIMSS Analytics, 93 per cent of companies in the health sector report that better BI and analytics are a top priority for them within the next 12 to 24 months.

What your company really needs is a reformed, data-driven culture. There are many ingredients that go into that.

Having BI as a priority is one thing, and it's laudable. However, it's quite another thing to actually have a detailed vision for achieving BI success. Drawing up a more intelligent business is a complicated challenge, and it requires a lot more than simply throwing money at it. Even with significant investment of funding and talent, there's no guarantee that a BI initiative will truly pay off.

What your company really needs is a reformed, data-driven culture. There are many ingredients that go into that.

A complete business architecture

There's a lot more that goes into healthcare BI success beyond just installing enterprise solutions and hitting the ground running. According to the Northern Territory Department of Health and Families, what your organisation really needs is a comprehensive vision for business intelligence, one that's focussed on building a complete architecture.

This process should begin with data capture and continue to include reporting, analysis and application of all the information you collect. You need to have people on your staff who boast an entire range of skills. Can your employees capably collect data and store it securely? Can they perform detailed analyses that reveal new truths about your business?

Part of what makes a business data initiative successful doesn't involve data at all – it relates more to communication and leadership skills. Analysing information is great, but it's all for naught unless you can present your findings in an engaging fashion and articulate your case for real business change based on your information. Data isn't the end result. Rather, it's merely one tool used to drive improvement.

What it takes to be competitive

No matter what line of work you're operating in, be it healthcare or anything else, you're surely not alone in the data revolution. There are bound to be other companies in your industry using business intelligence solutions to analyse and improve their operations. This being the case, you'll need to look hard for a competitive advantage that can set your organisation apart from its rivals.

You want good, clean data to be available around the clock.You want good, clean data to be available around the clock.

Research from Marvel Technologies indicates that BI managers should look for three main values that can distinguish their BI efforts – data availability, reliability and completeness. Availability means not just having access to data, but having it at all times and getting information that's current, not outdated. Reliability means being able to trust that your data is accurate and relevant to the task at hand. Finally, completeness is key because no organisation wants to act rashly based on insufficient or misleading information.

Solution consulting can guide your business

It's not easy to have available, reliable and complete data that can drive your company's success. Even if you purchase the right BI tools to assist in this mission, there are no guarantees it will work. You may decide along the way that your company needs to reach out and ask for help.

That help is exactly what we provide at A to BI. We have a unique approach to solution consulting that's based upon listening carefully to you and tailoring BI strategies to your specific needs. We have a wealth of experience with designing, prototyping, developing and implementing analytics solutions, and we're ready to do all of the above for your business. Contact us today and we'll get started.