What’s the value of thorough business intelligence training?


Every business team leader is anxious to jump right in whenever it’s time to start with a new business intelligence solution. However, the truth is it requires time and patience to get your staff up to speed with BI. Training is important – without it, you risk jumping into projects unprepared and potentially making mistakes.

What are the best strategies for ensuring that the BI training process goes smoothly?

So why is business intelligence training so important in Australia, and what are the best strategies for ensuring that the training process goes smoothly? At AtoBI, we are big believers in the value of thorough business intelligence training. We have a method that we use – it involves first getting systems set up and people trained, then coming back later and continually reviewing to make sure key weaknesses are addressed and nothing big needs to be changed. Let’s delve into the finer points of a business intelligence training strategy.

Putting your BI knowledge into context

What’s the best approach to business intelligence training for an Australian business? Here’s a hint: In addition to making sure your people can use BI solutions efficiently, they should also understand the big-picture view. What’s the context of the data they’re looking at? How does it affect the company’s long-term goals?

If there are any gaps in your employees’ understanding in this area, it’s best to fill them quickly. The goal is to get the entire staff working together to make smart, data-driven decisions. This requires both tech skills and general business savvy.

Providing people with continued education

In any business pursuit, it’s important to constantly emphasise employee development. You never want your people to stagnate. So when it comes to using enterprise solutions for BI, you want to continue educating people long after they’ve gotten their initial start.

Get the most out of your company's business intelligence training.Get the most out of your company’s business intelligence training.

This effort may include training seminars as well as Q&A sessions in which people can voice any questions or concerns they have about the BI rollout process. Training is more valuable if it’s continuous and lessons are reinforced for added impact.

Maximising your company’s investment

Your business has no doubt invested a lot in BI success. This doesn’t just mean money, although that’s part of it – time, effort and mental energy are all scarce resources as well. For everything you put in, you want to make sure you get something out.

If you have any concerns about your training process working, you can always connect with business consulting experts who can smooth things along. At AtoBI, we have a whole team of them who are ready to assist you.