What's the key to implementing BI at the enterprise level?

Getting started with business intelligence is a challenge for any company, but it's especially the case when you're dealing with a large enterprise and a lot of moving pieces. What's the best way to get a BI strategy off the ground at the enterprise level?

You'll need to allocate a lot of resources to getting the enterprise BI process right.

There's little doubt that this is more challenging than with a small or midsize business. You'll need to allocate a lot of resources to getting the process right, not to mention get a lot of people on board with your company's IT plans.

There's a lot of buzz in the business world today about the value of BI, but there's surprisingly little in the way of tangible advice – how can you get started? What does the optimal enterprise-level BI strategy look like?

Get strong support from the top down

Worried about the challenge of implementing enterprise solutions for BI? Your concerns are not unfounded, but you can overcome the challenge if you go in with a solid game plan. According to Forrester Research, the most important prerequisite is strong executive commitment. If the people at the top of the corporate ladder put their support behind business intelligence, that should trickle down.

Support comes in many forms. Obviously, you'll need money to pay employees and purchase software solutions, but it's not strictly financial. Your company's leadership can also help with communication, training and coordination of logistics to ensure BI success.

Empower your staff to achieve their goals

Among the consumer-facing businesses of today, there's been a movement toward being more "customer-centric." The idea is that people deserve to have more control over how they communicate with brands and personalise their own experiences.

Get your whole staff up to speed with the BI implementation process.Get your whole staff up to speed with the BI implementation process.

Why shouldn't business intelligence solutions be the same way? This is another key to enterprise implementation. If you treat business users like customers and make a pleasant experience a priority, you're more likely to see people stick with your BI solutions and use them efficiently. An empowered staff is a more productive one.

Get consultants to smooth everything along

To ensure a smooth start with business intelligence at the enterprise level, one positive step you can take is to get help in the form of solution consulting. By getting tailored services aimed specifically at improving your business, you can start off on the track to success.

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