What types of BI training are available?


Investing in sophisticated business intelligence (BI) software can have a significant impact on your organisation’s ability to derive insights from data, whether it’s structured, semi-structured or unstructured.

However, enterprises can underestimate the importance of effective training for new platforms. Even the best software may fail to live up to expectations if users are unable to leverage full functionality.

Finding the right consultants to assist you is the first step in the process, but which type of training would best suit your unique requirements? There are generally a number of different ways to approach training. Here are a few options for those of you considering embarking on a new BI software project.

Mentoring involves a consultant spending time on-site with your users.

1. Pre-set courses

One of the most popular training courses are official certification curriculums that give your employees the skills they need to become certified users of the relevant BI platform. For example, AtoBI was the first QlikView certified trainer in Australia, and we offer structured courses with pre-set data that ensures your workers can familiarise themselves with the program.

2. Bespoke training

Some companies have more sophisticated training demands, which may require bespoke sessions. These courses are particularly common for more technical users and personnel on the business side that require tailored advice specific to their data projects. This could involve building a course around your particular data needs or instructing your end-users on how to use an application that consultants have built on your behalf.

3. On-site mentors 

Mentoring involves a consultant spending time on-site with your users in an effort to guide them through issues that they encounter. Having an experienced expert on hand is especially useful if your employees know the basics of the BI software but are having trouble performing certain tasks or projects. In other words, they may not require comprehensive training; however, a mentor can give them quick tips on how to optimise their approach. AtoBI believes on-site mentors often get the best training results because they are at hand when users face problems and can guide them while they practise their skills in solving them.

Business intelligence software training. Training can help users improve their skills with new software.

Other options

The delivery of BI solutions can also be flexible; you can choose to have sessions at your premises or at a separate location that is more convenient for your staff. Occasionally, in-person training may not be possible. If this is the case, your provider should be able to offer virtual training via web conferencing software or other online means.

Deciding on the right training option for your business may require some thought, but the return on investment should be worth the extra effort.