What skills do your staff members need to ensure BI success?


There’s no doubt that your organisation has a lot of potential once it decides to begin using business intelligence (BI) solutions. By gathering comprehensive data on your operations and analysing it in real time, you can start to make better decisions about the future of your enterprise.

It’s important to do your homework before your company takes the plunge into BI.

The only problem is that this process can be difficult, and not everyone on your staff will have a natural gift for collecting information and doing the number-crunching. You may need to go through a long-term process by which you get your employees up to speed.

It’s important to do your homework before your company takes the plunge into BI. Ask yourself the key questions: Which skills do my people have already? Which ones do they need? How long will it take to make the transition into BI a relatively seamless one?

The skills required for BI success

Deploying BI solutions and finding instant success – meaning, uncovering key truths about your operations and using the data to optimise them – is far from a guarantee. According to the Industry Skills Councils, there are a few key skills your employees will need to have if they’re going to make the most of modern technology:

  • Selecting the right solutions: For example, if your company is going with QlikView, do you have a specific reason in mind? Do you know what such a tool can bring to your organisation and how that will translate to real ROI? Ideally, your entire staff would understand the roles they’re slated to play.
  • Data analysis skills: It can be overwhelming looking at a bunch of numbers and trying to make sense of them. Looking for trends and interpreting what they mean for your business is a big challenge.
  • Maintaining data over time: As new information trickles in, you’ll need to adjust your strategies on a rolling basis. You’ll also need to maintain your company’s information, keeping it accurate and timely even as circumstances change. This will be a constant concern.

Reforming your culture around technology

To make BI success happen, what you really need is an entirely reformed corporate culture. Your entire staff needs to be on board with a new, dynamic, data-driven way of doing business.

Small Biz Trends recommends that in this effort, the first step should be to encourage all employees to learn. Getting results from BI requires having your whole staff buy in, and some people may need a little push before they can embrace unfamiliar technology.

Build a culture where everyone is comfortable with new technology.Build a culture where everyone is comfortable with new technology.

Once you have a few early adopters among your ranks, you can use your BI-excelling employees as mentors, having them provide technical support to the rest of the staff. The hope is that eventually, the necessary tech skills will trickle down to pretty much everyone.

This will be a long-term process, and it’s good to set measurable training goals along the way so you know how your employees are doing. You want to make sure everyone is improving and no one is left behind.

Consultants can make the transition smoother

Taking the plunge into BI is not always easy, which is why many companies choose to reach out for a little help from the professionals as they go. At AtoBI, we can provide just the kind of help you’re looking for. What we offer is a solution consulting service that’s tailor-made to fit the specific needs your business is facing.

Our team has many years of experience delivering BI solutions to companies that need them – sometimes with a specific focus on QlikView, sometimes not. Whatever tools your organisation needs to be successful in the future, we are prepared to deliver them. Let’s get started.