Visual Analytics

Just having good raw numbers isn’t enough – to really find business success, what you need is a plan for
visualising your analytics.

Get A Glimpse Of Your Data

In the modern age, your data is your business. It holds the valuable information that guides your daily workflow and determines your performance and your bottom line.

This is why data analytics is so essential – having good analytics will give you clear insight into what the story of your business is. Sometimes, all you need are simple calculations; in other instances, you’re looking for something a little more complex.

At AtoBI, we look to help you address all of these requirements. Our goal is to help you find the right balance between compiling hard data and drawing up clear visualisations of that data; if you can excel in both areas, you can put together graphics that will lead you toward the right strategic business decisions.

Get a health check to assess your company’s needs

Our goal at AtoBI is to provide visual analytics solutions that are right for you. The thing is, though, we can’t know what those are until we first perform a detailed health check.

If you’re looking to get visual analytics for your business, we need to take a careful look at your business and its requirements and figure out what specifically you need. Our team will get together and review your setup, your working environment and the specific configurations you have in place. From there, we might decide to bring in new tool sets that complement what you have already, or we may alternatively decide it’s time to overhaul things altogether.

We have the knowledge, awareness and comprehensive suite of solutions to make whatever changes are necessary for optimising your company’s approach to business intelligence. Once we find out your company’s analytics needs in detail, we can work with you on user adoption, providing hands-on training that will get all your employees up to speed. Keep in mind that we’re happy to let you “try before you buy” with a new solution – we don’t want to see you commit to a product you’re not happy with.

Discover what product will work best for you

The truth is that we can’t know your needs instantly without first doing a careful study of your organisation. Every business is different, which is why it’s crucial for us to assess your specific needs.

In your quest to find the best possible visual analytics product, you may have to be patient. The answer is not always cut and dry – it depends on the industry you operate in and the goals you’re trying to accomplish. There might not be one correct tool for you, as the correct answer may involve bits and pieces of multiple solutions.

Whatever the case may be, we pledge to work with you and address any performance issues you have with BI. From there, we’ll help you put together a solution for managing your company’s analytics, complete with an exec dashboard that will empower you to stay in control of everything.

Moving past the traditional spreadsheet model

When most people think of business intelligence, their minds go to Microsoft Excel. After all, it’s a perfectly decent spreadsheet tool that’s capable of doing a lot of things. Having said that, our visual analytics look to go farther than that.

There’s nothing wrong with using Excel for BI, necessarily, but if you want to tackle BI at the enterprise level, you need a solution that’s capable of doing more complex things. You don’t just want to view your data – you want to peer into the future and visualise ways you can transform your business for the better. This requires finding superior BI tools, and at AtoBI, we’re happy to help you find them.

The unique value you can get from AtoBI

We aren’t alone in this industry, there are a lot of Consulting Companies
out there. So, what are the benefits of working with AtoBI instead of one
of our competitors?

The short answer is that if you want to take reporting and analysis to the next level, visualising your analytics and turning them into unprecedented business results, you want to work with the very best consulting company. That’s us – we have a highly experienced and capable team, and we’ll work together to create the appropriate solution each time.

Success with AtoBI

The right technology, the right delivery approach, with the right delivery team. AtoBI works closely with their partners to bring a seamless, one-stop-shop of BI delivery solutions, capabilities and knowledge.

Plenty of organisations have BI tools but not all of them are using these solutions to the best of their ability.

Initial Contact

Understanding your current business issues, your current working solutions, the driver for enhancements and timelines.

E-commerce organisations are gleaning real value from big data consulting services.

POC & Scope

Try our suggested improvements in a Proof of Concept, without wasting progress time.


We will continue to build and enhance your production ready changes, working with you to increase user adoption.

Consultants should help your organisation address real challenges.

Ongoing Support & Training

Whatever your requirements are – we have the skills to assist.

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