While data analytics isn’t a new addition to the world of utilities, there have recently been some big changes in the types of data to analyse, and how best to do so. As the world continues to change, the utility industry will need the assistance of analytics-based technology to keep up with the high demand, and to be sure their business model stays ahead of trends and demands.

Making the World of Utilities More Efficient

When looking at data related to the utility industry, there are a few main types companies accumulate. These different types of data, being; transmission, distribution, meter (customer consumption), asset and geographical information systems are all relatively new sources of data for the electric utilities industry. Having this information on your side is an invaluable tool, and many utility companies are not making the most of this data.

By introducing data analytics to your utility business, you will see improvements in a variety of areas. There are three main examples of this:

  • Predictive asset management can help your business to predict when a fault may occur with your equipment, meaning you are better equipped to respond quickly and effectively.
  • Asset utilization can help you to compare usage to capacity, allowing you to answer some essential questions such as which transformers are loaded beyond their electrical or thermal rating, and for what duration?
  • Power-quality issues can be more easily addressed, creating a better relationship with your customers and a more positive overall reputation

How Data Analytics can Work for your Utilities Business

Are you struggling to make the most of your data, or don’t even know where to start? Targeting specific areas can make it easier to understand and break down your data. With utility data there are three main areas to analyse: customer, operational and asset.

Over the next 10 years, the utility world will come to face a number of challenges, all of which will need a strong and educated response. Things such as a higher demand for renewable energy will change the way power flows, and will impact all aspects of business for utility companies. By converting all their data into information, utility workers will always be equipped and ready for future challenges, and utility companies will have confidence in their ability to make the right decision when the time comes.

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