If you want your staff to be successful with your solutions, you need them to be thoroughly trained. At AtoBI, we have the expertise to help with that.

Getting Your Staff Ready For Success

Investing in decision making solutions is a big step for any business.

When you choose to make a commitment to a solution, you’re committing a lot of things – your time, your money and your organisational focus, to name just three. When making all this commitment, you want to be confident that it all will pay off.

As you seek to maximise the return on your investment, one element you certainly need to have in place is a capable staff. You might have people on board already who are generally smart and capable with technology, but unless they have the specific tech skills necessary to master the solution in front of them, you risk seeing all your analytics efforts go to waste.

If your company is getting started with a new solution, you should go to great lengths to ensure your staff are properly trained. At AtoBI, we have the resources to help with that. We’ll make sure you get all the training you need.

Maximising the data discoveries you can make with Qlik

When your company is first getting started with Qlik analytics tools, you want to do everything you can to discover new things about your business.

If your employees know how to make the most of Qlik, they’ll be able to find hidden data relationships they didn’t know existed previously. Ideally, they’d be able to do this in a self-service fashion, without needing any intervention from IT specialists or anyone else. For this to be possible, your people need to be thoroughly trained.

Fortunately, Qlik is easy to use, as it features an intuitive interface that’s driven by simple drag-and-drop functionalities. This allows any and all users to create flexible, interactive visualisations for whatever data they’re working with. There’s also a smart search tool that makes it easy to find the information you’re looking for, even when you’re navigating a complex ecosystem.

Despite all of this, training is still crucial. The last thing you want to do is deploy a new Qlik tool without preparing your employees to take full advantage of it. Fortunately, at AtoBI, we are the first organisation in Australia to gain accreditation as Qlik certified trainers. This gives us the unique ability to offer official Qlik courses and give all companies the capability they need to maximise their analytics investment.

Making sure your staff have all the skills they need

To sleep easy knowing your staff will make the most of business intelligence, you need to be sure they’re endowed with a wide variety of skills.

Even when you have highly sophisticated enterprise solutions for data analysis, the software still can’t do everything itself. Your people still need to be versatile about what they can do with analytics.

First and foremost, according to the Industry Skills Councils, this means knowing how to process and organise data. When looking at a massive cluster of facts and figures, they should have the wisdom and experience not to feel overwhelmed, but instead to know how to make sense of it and break the information down into manageable pieces. They should be able to store data efficiently and in ways that will make the analytical process easy.

They should be comfortable with all the technology involved – not just the data analysis software you’re using, but also the cloud platforms necessary to curate data and all the machines, including mobile devices, used to analyse it.

All told, it’s a lot to ask. Even those employees who are highly technically skilled may be adept in most of those areas but have blind spots in one or two. That’s why, at AtoBI, we offer training courses that will cover all the bases. We’re flexible about how to offer our services, too – we can give classroom training on site at your business’ premises, or we can meet at a convenient location or even train people virtually, via web conferencing. The choice is yours.

At AtoBI we want to ensure that your employees are fully trained to ensure that you are getting the most from your solution.

That’s why we begin our comprehensive process with a training needs analysis that will out lay out exactly what your employees need and how we can deliver it.          We provide detailed end user training that will get everyone up to speed.

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