TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub is a data management platform that helps prepare and manage data for analytics and AI without writing cod. It automates the process of getting documented data in the right place,in the right form, and ready for analysis.

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TimeXtender Discovery Hub 19.6.8 now available

TimeXtender has released a point release of their Discovery Hub to address a potential repository corruption issue when loading a previous version of a project containing NAV or AX adapters. We strongly recommend that you upgrade versions 19.6.1-19.6.7 to 19.6.8. 

You can download the latest version of TimeXtender Discovery Hub. Please reach out to us at info@atobi.com.au if you’d like us to perform the upgrade for you.

As a reminder the Discovery Hub and Discovery Hub ODX Server version number will not always match, since they can be improved independently of each other. Below are the latest versions:

  • Discovery Hub 19.6.8
  • Discovery Hub ODX Server 19.6.2
  • Discovery Hub Client 19.6.8

Release documentation can be found here.

Recap of the main features in version 19.6 are:

Redesigned User Interface

  • Flexible Tabs
  • Solution Explorer
  • Stronger Integration of the ODX Server
  • Warnings and Errors in the Reports Menu
  • Start Tab and Other Changes

Operational Data Exchange (ODX) Layer

  • Support for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 as Data Storage
  • Use Azure Databricks for Incremental Load to Azure Data Lake Storage
  • Use Azure Databricks to Transfer Data from ADL Data Storage
  • New SAP Data Source for ODX

Modern Data Warehouse (MDW) Layer

  • Show Join for Lookup Fields using the Default Relation
  • SQL Database Cleanup Tool Improvements
  • Keep Lookup and Supernatural Key Field Values Up-to-date

Shared Semantic Layer

  • Hide Measures in Semantic Models
  • Improved Authentication for Azure Analysis Endpoints


  • “Advanced Options” Display Setting

Discovery Hub 18.10 release  (initial 18.10.1 release was November 2018)

Key take aways:

New features

  • ODX Server Manager for the Operational Data Exchange (ODX) Server with support for Azure Data Lake.
  • Support for Azure SQL Database Managed Instance
  • Functionality to clone fields
  • Consistent read on Dynamics NAV adapter
  • Shared Semantic Layer: Row level security, hierarchies, hide settings for unused endpoint types, validate model against endpoints, data formats, display folders, prevent deployment of an endpoint in specific environments, guarding of semantic models, prioritize models on execution, added table and schema reference to tables, consistent dragging direction when creating relations

Changed features

  • Conditional lookup fields performance and usability improvements
  • Easier setup of Oracle data source
  • Tooltips provide more information
  • Connection Manager updated with support for semantic endpoints, ODX and CData data sources.
  • Shared Semantic Layer: Improved display of relations, improved method for assigning semantic objects to endpoints, improved mapping of tables

Discovery Hub® 18.6 –  Connect to more than 90+ data sources for free!

The new release of the Discovery Hub® is out and it is packed with new features that are sure to put a smile on your face and some money back in your customer’s pockets.

Now Discovery Hub® can connect to over 90 data sources in a simple way and for free! Our partnership with database driver provider CData has allowed Discovery Hub® to seamlessly connect to popular systems such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, HubSpot, MailChimp, SharePoint, MongoDB. Providers are also available for generic JSON and XML files as well as REST-based APIs. If you like to see the entire list of connectors, you can find it here.

Floating on Cloud Nine

Additionally, the new release fully supports the preview version of Azure SQL Managed Instance, which is a new flavor of Azure SQL Database that represents fully managed SQL Server Instance hosted in Azure cloud. This allows customers to use cutting-edge technology, newly released by Microsoft.

Other Key Features of the Release

Wait there is more! We are happy to let you know that the Data Export feature will continue to exist due to its popularity and we have some nice improvements for you:

  • Experience easier navigation with “Go To” commands
  • Use Azure SQL Database without extra libraries
  • Manage fields from all tables in your Semantic Model in Scripts

Explore the Latest Release

Wanting more details about the new release? Find a quick overview of the added features included in Discovery Hub®: 

  • Find our release notes here
  • Download the latest release from our website here
  • Browse the User guide here for more how-to’s and tips

Dive into the New Release with Us at Microsoft Inspire!

TimeXtender is running another race towards Microsoft’s MSInspire conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. At this event we will be showcasing the dynamic Discovery Hub® platform while making connections and building relationships with business professionals from all over the world. If you will be in attendance, we invite you tostop by our booth – 1722 – where we can walk you through the newest platform release and connect with the TimeXtender team. If Las Vegas isn’t a part of your summer plans, follow our journey to MSInspire through our TimeXtender social media channels (listed below). We would love to share this exciting experience with you!

Race to the Finish Line – June 30th

With the new Discovery Hub® release, you have even more thrilling features to highlight with your customers. If you have been participating in the exhilarating Race to the Podium campaign, you have one final week to close strong and accelerate your sales.

Following the June 30th finish line, we will calculate all racing points earned and will reach out to top scoring partners to claim their prizes. It’s not too late to score some last-minute points and get closer to one of our exciting prizes. You can find all of the details about points and prizes here. Don’t run out of gas, the finish line is close ahead!