The Real Meaning Of AI

 There has been a significant shift over the last 5 years with focus moving from BI to AI and ML.  As market leaders AtoBI are aligned with technologies that are at the forefront of this change, to ensure that our customers have cutting edge solutions.

On 7 December 2017 a critical milestone was reached when Googles AlphaZero Program defeated the 2016 world computer chess champion, Stockfish 8.  Its human creators never taught it, it used machine learning principles to self-learn in just 4 hours.  Scary as it is, we shouldn’t be frightened of progress, in fact we should embrace these changes.

It’s not just understanding the technologies available but recognising the complexities that customers have, even in similar industries.  Finding the right solution to address your issues can sometimes seem a daunting task, but AtoBI is here to provide you with the confidence that our extensive experience and expertise will make your journey with these new technologies easier. We pride ourselves on our expert team and their ability to help our customers navigate this new world.

If you are still apprehensive, don’t be, try to think of AI as Assistive Intelligence rather than Artificial Intelligence.  AI is designed and ultimately controlled by humans, to increase the accuracy of insights and aid prediction.  We should embrace the new technologies available to us. To find out how AtoBI can help you and your organisation on your AI journey contact us at