If your business needs a little support to get the most out of a solution, our staff at AtoBI are happy to provide it. We have a variety of proven engagement models.

Helping Your Business Succeed

At AtoBI, we strongly believe that doing good work is contingent upon having strong relationships between your company and its consultants. That’s why we work hard every day to deliver high-quality support.

This support can take many forms. It might mean saving the day when you’re in crisis mode, or it might simply be a matter of checking up with you to assess the solution health and increase the resilience of your system. The reality is that every organisation is different, and we strive to find personalised solutions that will work for each client. No matter what sort of situation your company is in, we’re happy to step in and assist you.

Finding the Right Engagement Model for your Organisation

When you’re first reaching out to get support with your company’s infrastructure, you’re probably just looking to learn the basics. How does consulting work?

The best answer is that it varies. When you need support with a new solution there are different ways of using consulting to your advantage. This is why we have several different engagement models, or methods to support your business.

One example of the support we offer is ad hoc help with a particular solution, as required by your business. For example, if there’s a certain aspect of using your visual analytic solution that your employees are struggling to grasp, we can give you a fixed amount of help with picking it up. You may choose to purchase a support pack to assist in getting over the immediate activities. You’ll then get a consultant assigned to you who will either access your system remotely or travel to your location and give you hands-on assistance.

You might alternatively decide that you’d like help with a defined scope project. If there’s a certain type of initiative you’re looking to undertake, you can engage us in a discussion of your needs and we’ll give you an estimate of how much the complete project will cost. We’ll then send you a consultant or solution architect who will get the job done.

The Benefits of a Health Check

If you’ve already got a infrastructure in place but you’re unsure about how it’ working, you might want to consider getting a performance health check to assess your current approach. How is your company‘s system performing? We can let you know.

At AtoBI, our goal is to make sure your solutions are continually running smoothly. Whether you’re using a visual analytic tool, MapR, Jedox or Microsoft, we always want to be available for gauging the performance levels of your company’s solutions. If your solution is performing well, it will deliver you valuable insights that will help you improve your business; if it’s not, you need to know about it.

You can trust that when you turn to us for a health check, you’ll get an accurate reading of where you stand from a highly qualified professional. Our experts have many years of IT experience among them, and we know how to identify your business requirements and assess your ability to meet them.

Getting Proactive about Maintenance

When you’re running a complex network of solutions, you never want to simply sit back and wait for your system to crash. Instead, you can use proactive maintenance strategies to identify issues before they even happen.

Thinking ahead is the key to preventing major problems within your business. There are many benefits to getting proactive support. If you’re able to make sure your systems are operating efficiently, and both your hardware and software are in good shape long-term, the administration of your business becomes a whole lot easier.

The process of maintaining your network and continually assessing its health can be complicated. Our goal is to walk you through it so that eventually, you’ll be able to recognise some of the common problems with business intelligence and fix them yourself.

We can answer your questions

Do you have questions about the approach we use at AtoBI?
We are happy to answer them. Consider some of the following frequently asked questions
about decision making solutions:

Do you have to come to our site to restore our system?
No – in most cases, it’s not necessary. Provide us remote access, and we’ll fix it remotely.

My system is in the cloud – can you help?
Yes – we have many customers using cloud hosting, and we’re very familiar with this type of infrastructure.

I’m under intense time pressure – how soon can someone help?
If you are an existing customer and have provided us with remote access details, in most cases we can be working on your system within hours.

I’ve never worked with you before – can you still fix my system?
Yes – contact us directly, and someone will be in touch to get the ball rolling.

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