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AtoBI announces a new partnership with ’Squirro’ allowing customers to add a real-time combination of structured and unstructured data and context Intelligence to your QlikView applications reducing search times by up to 90% year-over-year.

The applications for Squirro are endless. Regardless of you industry, function or business needs, Squirro delivers a state-of-the-art context rich, relevant intelligence ultimately adding value to your research and follow up capabilities.

Squirro gathers content from any source – social, web, or internal databases – and integrates with major business systems such as QlikView, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and more.

Scan multiple internal data sources including email, documents and databases; and many external data sources, including Google, Bing, RSS Feeds, LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter, Quora, Facebook, Reuters, Bloomberg, D&B as examples.

How does it work?
Squirro is a natural extension to the business discovery paradigm that Qlik has so successfully created.

Squirro delivers the context behind any data in your dashboard;
for example:
  •  Select any structured dimension in your dashboard and Squirro provides the matching relevant unstructured data.
  •  Drag and drop any document in Squirro for Qlik and instantaneously see how it affects your structured information.
  •  You notice an unusual variation in a chart, Squirro gives you the necessary context to understand it.

Squirro integrates seamlessly in Qlik to deliver the story behind you dashboards.

The applications of Squirro for Qlik are endless.  Regardless of you industry, function or business needs Squirro delivers a state-of-the-art integration in Qlik.

Regardless of your role or industry Squirro is high speed to value context intelligence. You choose the data you want to combine in real-time to achieve unparalleled insights into your customers, business, and markets.

Whether for Financial Services, Automotive, Industrial, Life Science, Healthcare, Technology, Government or Non-Profits Squirro equips anyone to analyze unstructured data and improves decision-making.

Understanding the Context by leveraging your Unstructured Data
Have you ever looked at your BI solution and wondered:
  •  Why did my sales figures for product x dip this quarter?
  •  Why my customers’ average NPS scores have been gradually growing over the last 3 months?
  •  Why is a particular consumer group moving away from our solution?
  •  What is really behind the increase of help desk tickets in this area?
  •  What are the industry trends that we may need to understand to make our offerings more relevant?
  •  What are people saying about our solutions that may be impacting on our performance?

For more information on how to combine the structured and unstructured worlds together in harmony to deliver the “why” behind that data,

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