QlikView News — QlikView version 11.2 Extended Support Update

Thank you for your loyalty to Qlik. We are honored to see our QlikView fans using and maintaining our classic BI solution year after year. We now have some great news for those of you running QlikView v11.2 – Extended Support* will expire on December 31, 2020.  This is more than 18 months past our previous commitment to provide Extended Support at least until March 31, 2019.

We hope the new Extended Support expiration date will give you ample time to plan your next steps with Qlik. Whether you choose to stick with QlikView and upgrade to the latest release, adopt QlikView and Qlik Sense dual-use licensing, or dive right into a QlikView-to-Qlik Sense license remix, we’re here to support you on your journey.

We understand moving out of your comfort zone may feel like a leap of faith, but we want to assure you that the Qlik Customer Success organization is committed to delivering the resources you need to maximize your investment. Not only do they already provide assessment, architecture, education, and conversion services for dual-use licensing, but they’re currently developing new offerings to help make it easier to upgrade to the latest release.

The dual-use services offering is described in further detail here.

QlikView and Qlik Sense dual-use licensing gives you a cost-effective way for your QlikView users to adopt Qlik Sense.  With dual-use licensing, you’ll benefit from the full functionality of Qlik Sense for new apps and have the opportunity to choose whether to migrate existing QlikView apps to Qlik Sense, so you can leverage its more modern approach. Featuring augmented intelligence for visualization, exploration, search, and data preparation, your Qlik Sense entitlement also delivers value-add products including: Qlik GeoAnalytics BaseQlik DataMarket Essentials, and Qlik Web Connectors.

Please visit the Qlik downloads site for the latest release and reach out to: licenseadmin@qlik.com to discuss Qlik dual-use and remix options. For more information on QlikView 11.2 Extended Support, check out our FAQ

*Extended support is only available for QlikView 11.20 customers who are current on maintenanceExtended Support is not an extension of standard support and maintenance under the Qlik Support Policy. It consists only of troubleshooting and fixes that are issued as patches at Qlik’s discretion. Only severe, mission critical issues will be considered for resolution in QlikView 11.20, and there will be no product enhancements to QlikView 11.20 as part of Extended Support.

What’s New A Qlik? Download here!

Qlik Sense – November 2018 release

Key take aways:

  • Cognitive Machine Learning
  • Insight Advisor – Light Authoring
  • Comparative Analysis (Alternate States)
  • Advanced Authoring Improvements
  • Dashboard Extensions Bundle
  • Chart Sharing (multi-cloud)
  • Visualisation and Mapping Enhancements
  • Admin, Multi-Cloud and Accessibility Improvements

Qlik NPrinting – November 2018 release

Key take aways:

  • On-demand Reporting for Qlik Sense allows self-service report generation based on user selections.
  • Authentication: Increased security using certificates and reverse proxy support for NPrinting Designer.
  • Improvements to administration management allowing control over on-demand requests via the web console.

QlikView – November 2018 release (12.3)

Key take aways:

  • Implementation of Skia Graphics Library
  • Implementation of International Components for Unicode (ICU) Libraries
  • Generate an engine performance log file to facilitate trouble shooting and document design
  • The reload performance log is now separated into a dedicated log file Supporting Task
  • The “File Exists” task is a new option in the QlikView Publisher under supporting tasks.
  • Load Script Improvements
  • View custom settings in QlikView Management Console (QMC)
  • QlikView IPv6 support accommodates the longer IP format
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 Support

Qlik Sense – September 2018 release

Key take aways:

  • Advanced authoring improvement
  • Mapping enhancements
  • Management, governance and security improvements
  • Full support for Airwatch EMM

Qlik NPrinting – September 2018 release

Key take aways:

  • New administration and security features
  • Expanded report formats

Qlik Connectors – September 2018 release

Key take aways:

  • New Microsoft Azure and Jira connectors
  • Enhanced security

Qlik Podium Data – September 2018 release

Key take aways:

  • A complete enterprise data management solution
  • Source, catalog, profile, prepare and publish enterprise data

Qlik Associative Big Data Index – September 2018 release

Key take aways:

  • Index big data while leaving the data where it resides
  • Unrestricted associative exploration

Qlik Core – September 2018 release

Key take aways:

  • Build data driven apps, leverage containerised Qlik Engine and API
  • Developers can exploit their data in highly-scalable, cloud ready solutions

We’re excited to share the news of the recent June 2018 Qlik Sense release.

Highlights of this launch include the following advancements aimed at helping users streamline and enhance creation experience from data to insights.

  • Augmented Intelligence (AI): Powered by the Qlik Cognitive engine, the Insight Advisor automatically generates the best analytics and insights for the user based on the overall data set and search criteria.
  • Accelerated self-service: New features include alternative chart suggestions, property enhancements with switch dimension / measures and quick change aggregation methods, as well as a smart data load feature.
  • Visualization enhancements: layer in new map charts, show/hide columns, and scroll bar charts toggle
  • Collaboration offerings: Promote and un-promote sheets, re-publish apps, and more
  • Advance Authoring Improvements: Scrollable sheets, expression editor improvements and the ability to change grid size with objects
  • Data Prep: Advanced filtering before data loading

Watch this video to see the product details of this launch:

Qlik Multi-Cloud Deployment Options
We’ve also recently released Qlik multi-cloud deployment options; allowing users to distribute apps developed in Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows to be consumed (ie read only) in either Qlik Cloud Services (cloud app hosting managed by Qlik) or Qlik Sense Enterprise for Elastic (for high scale cost effective deployments on containers), bound by a single license, sign on and new hub. Learn more

Qlik NPrinting
With our recent release, you will also find some noteworthy enhancements to NPrinting. Now users can have pivot tables in reports without having to use workarounds in Qlik Sense. In addition, for both QlikView and Qlik Sense, you will now be able to schedule monthly and yearly reports via standard parameter selections and can also get report preview and editing capabilities without having to wait for the report to render. As always, we are expanding our Enterprise connectivity to drive more comprehensive insights.

QlikView & Qlik Sense Dual Use Offer
Last month we shared exciting details on the new Qlik View & Qlik Sense Dual Use Offer that will enable existing QlikView® customers to more seamlessly and cost effectively adopt the Qlik Sense® platform, while maintaining their investment in QlikView. The upgrade is available for only a 30% uplift on the customer’s current annual maintenance fees, which then becomes their new recurring maintenance fees. This is a huge opportunity for you to upsell customers and reach out to dormant QlikView users. Want more information? Get the details in this FAQ and listen to the on-demand Fast Track enablement webinar.

To get more details about the latest Qlik product launches, visit the Product Launch page on the Partner Portal and join us for these Fast Track Enablement Webinars: 

Qlik Sense – April 2018 release

Key take aways:

  • Accelerated self-service with Qlik Sense chart suggestions
  • Publishing an app from the hub
  • Grid size of an app sheet can now be customized with three different sizes: small, medium or large.
  • You can now set custom abbreviations in the load script. For example, you can choose to use Billions instead of G.
  • When clicking the Edit button of a Linked visualization, a new shortcut redirects you to editing the Master visualization item.
  • New keyboard shortcuts for selection back/forward have been added.
  • Multi-layer maps
    • Support for multiple layers.
    • Labels for point layers and area layers.
    • Quick look up of countries, divisions, cities, postal code areas.
    • Higher fixed upper limit of number of objects.
    • Circle select with distance measure.
    • Drill down support.
    • Layer control, zoom limit and draw order.
    • English or local name in the background map.
  • Qlik Sense hub now supports keyboard navigation and shortcuts.
  • Linking Qlik Sense Mobile to third-party applications
  • From Qlik Sense April 2018 it is no longer necessary to use port 4244 as the authentication port.
  • Qlik Sense Mobile now works in a per-app VPN mode with the appropriate VMware Workspace ONE tunnel components.
  • Customers who have purchased Qlik Sense with support for the new Professional and Analyzer license types can now configure the allocation of these licenses in the QMC.
  • Analytic connections improvement
  • Enable anonymous users to export data

Qlik NPrinting – April 2018 release

Key take aways:

  • Supports Single Sign-On (SSO) by using SAML authentication
  • Filter and content node response management improvements
  • Qlik NPrinting Repository is now based on PostgreSQL 10.1
  • Disable the template upload by report type
  • Security checks when uploading template files from the Web Console
  • Replace existing filter fields using the import task

Qlik Sense – February 2018 release

Key take aways:

  • Dynamically generated queries to web sources in scripts
  • Loading a table from an analytic connection
  • Association recommendations
  • Customizations
    • Change colors of background and individual chart elements.
    • Define color palettes and color gradients.
    • Specify font sizes and font color.
  • On-demand App Generation
  • Qlik Sense Mobile
  • Updated ODBC connectors
    • Oracle
    • PostgreSQL
  • SSO with Microsoft SQL Server

Qlik NPrinting – February 2018 release

Key take aways:

  • Single sign-on support with JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication
  • QlikView server DMS authorization is supported
  • Improved QlikView cache generation