Providing tech training for your staff isn’t always easy


There are a lot of potential gains your company can make as a direct result of using business intelligence (BI) solutions. If you commit to gathering more information about your company and analysing it well, you can uncover key findings that will help drive future improvement in your operations.

Achieving BI success requires getting buy-in from pretty much your entire staff.

This won’t be easy, though. What makes it challenging is that achieving BI success requires getting buy-in from pretty much your entire staff. If you want to efficiently collect information, analyse it and take decisive action based on what you find, you need everyone to be on board with that – even those staff members who might be a bit resistant to new technology.

This means providing training resources will be key. You’ll need a diversified strategy, too, because not everyone has the same enthusiasm for learning or absorbs information in the same ways as everyone else.

Drawing up a BI training framework

Before you allow your company to dive headfirst into using BI solutions, it makes sense to map out a specific plan. Otherwise, you risk getting into a large, sprawling project that lacks focus and risks wasting time and money.

According to the Industry Skills Councils, a good first step in your tech training process is to assess precisely what organisational problems you’re looking to solve using BI solutions. What’s the goal? Are you hoping to refine your marketing message? Increase the productivity of your sales team? Whatever you have in mind, it’s easier to get results from BI if you go in with a plan.

Once you have your objectives mapped out, it’s easier for everything to fall into place. Next you can look at your existing technology, assess its strengths and weaknesses and look at where there are specific improvements to be made. At this point, it’s time to sit down with your employees and talk about how your tech upgrades will change their daily lives at the office.

Handling a diverse staff of trainees

A large part of the challenge of delivering office tech training stems from the fact that your staff is diverse. Everyone will have different levels of IT knowledge, which means they’ll all require a unique approach to technical support.

Your staff will include a wide range of people with different IT needs.Your staff will include a wide range of people with different IT needs.

This is why The HR Gazette recommends taking some time to study your employees, figure out their skill levels with technology and assess where each individual still has room for improvement. Once you’ve done this, you can deliver personalised solutions that will be catered to their knowledge levels and skill sets. Learning styles are important too – some people prefer a hands-on approach, whereas others are better off studying methods from a textbook.

Of course, there will be some stubborn employees who simply don’t want to learn at all, no matter what method you offer to use. Handling these individuals with care is an important part of the job in IT training. It will take patience and persistence to eventually get them up to speed.

Consider our approach to solution consulting

Every company has its own unique sets of challenges and needs when it comes to training your staff and effectively putting BI solutions in place. That’s why, at AtoBI, we offer solution consulting that’s specifically tailored to each individual business we work with. Our goal is to listen carefully, learn what you do and provide BI resources that will be a perfect fit.

If you want to maximise your BI investment, training is crucial. The last thing you want is to see time and money wasted on a staff that’s not ready to achieve success. Fortunately, we have the resources to get your people trained quickly and set your business on the path to success.