Patient Experience(PX) is the Strategic Difference in Healthcare Today – are you ready?

In the era of customer centric service, Healthcare organisations must be patient centric. Patient Experience (PX) is now the defining strategic differentiator in Healthcare.

Our world is now heavily focused on convenience and time. This has laid the groundwork for rising customer expectations when it comes to healthcare. The days of patients making appointments that result in weeks of waiting and long waits once they get to their appointment is behind us. To become Patient Centric, Healthcare organisations must first start by defining their PX vision, which must be aligned with the company’s overall strategic goals and objectives. Next, they need to understand who their customers are, which is where a value based care program and a PX measurement framework come into play.

AtoBI are leaders in providing solutions for the Healthcare Industry in Australia. Below are the key questions that Healthcare organisations need to ask themselves to ensure that they are ready to provide a great Patient Experience. These questions will act as a guide to assess your readiness to be Patient Centric.

  • Are you using quantitative and qualitative methods when researching PX?
  • How are you sharing your findings?
  • Do you have a PX vision?
  • Are you defining and refining experiences based on your vision and research-based understanding of patients?
  • Are you providing employees with resources that help them deliver excellent experiences?
  • Are you tracking and analysing the quality of experiences?
  • How are you linking metrics to your organisation’s overall metrics?
  • How are you communicating with internal stakeholders?
  • How do you measure the quality of clinical outcome?
  • How are you creating a system of shared values and behaviors that focus employees on delivering great experiences?

Overwhelmed by these questions? Did you discover that these questions were a challenge for your organisation to answer?

PX vision starts from the top but must be embraced and championed by the entire organisation. This requires a significant culture shift, which will establish a firm foundation for your organisation’s efforts toward a great patient experience. AtoBI as leaders in Healthcare Solutions can help you through this process from the very beginning to implementation. Contact AtoBI today to start your Patient Experience journey