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The Unique Nature of Data in the Manufacturing world

Manufacturing analytics is set apart from other industries for a few reasons, and it is therefore important to understand the unique way we understand and process manufacturing data. Manufacturing analytics focuses on collecting and analysing data, rather than process control or other aspects of data analytics. When it comes to the manufacturing industry, data can be collected from a variety of different sources. This data is then processed to help your business achieve its data goals. For example, data can be analysed to break down processes and find areas where improvements can be made. Using predictive analysis and big data, manufacturing analytics can make all the difference for your business.

When working in the manufacturing industry, there are some data related questions you need to ask yourself. Is your company making the most of its data? Are you aware of the different ways data can help your manufacturing business thrive? Is your current data analytics company recognising all areas for improvement, and translating the data to you in an easy to understand way? At AtoBI, our clients are our number one priority, and we create data analysis plans to best suit you and your business needs.

How Data Analytics can improve the Manufacturing Industry

You may have asked yourself, what can you gain from analytics? In short, there are many advantages to using data analytics, and manufacturing companies in particular have much to gain from processing their data. The main function of analytics in the manufacturing world is to provide performance and quality metrics. There are other functions too, however, such as tracking Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and process improvement. Process improvement involves things like highlighting bottleneck areas in processes.

Data and your Manufacturing company - What it Means for You

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