Loyalty Programs

AtoBI recognises the importance of customer engagement and loyalty, and in a time where the customer holds most of the power, creating a sense of customer loyalty is crucial. But how do you know if your customer loyalty programs are working? At AtoBI, we use data to analyse your loyalty programs, steering them in the right direction.

How Analytics Is Transforming Customer Loyalty Programs

In the age of information and proactive customers, businesses are having to navigate a whole new world of challenges. Customer loyalty programs are more crucial to business now than ever before, and there are a few reasons for this. Brand loyalty is harder to come by, as customers are faced with a growing number of alternative options to try. The rise of social media and other online review-only platforms has given the average customer more power than ever before, which directly impacts business owners.

While this may seem daunting, this phenomenon of reviews and online engagement is a fantastic opportunity for companies. It is now easier to track your performance, and the general customer experience, which means you can directly target your audience and in turn create loyal, long-term customers. The goal of loyalty initiatives is to engage with your audience, not to offer them more products.

Too few businesses are taking advantage of analytics, and are missing out on an invaluable resource. At AtoBI, we can help ensure you’re making the most of your data to create a targeted, effective loyalty program.

What Data Analytics can do for you

Companies that make extensive use of customer data analytics in their business decisions see a marked improvement in sales over companies that don’t. Instituting a loyalty program will not only improve your customer’s appreciation of your business, it will also increase the chance of existing clients recommending you to their friends and family. 

Data analytics can help you achieve a variety of things within your business in regards to customer loyalty. For example, analytics can:

  • Help you calculate your customer retention rate (CRR)
  • Be sure you understand your customers needs
  • Measure your customer loyalty
  • Monitor customer reactions to promotions and product recommendations
  • You can do this via asking questions on social media, running paid ads to see the engagement, or set up a customer survey

As a qualified and professional business solutions company, AtoBI can help collate your data, and pull together customer segmentation analysis reports to ensure your business sets up the best possible loyalty program for your customers.

Creating a Loyalty Program best suited for your business

Not all businesses have the same loyalty program, and AtoBI understands that there is no one way to help a business grow. It is important to have confidence in your loyalty program, but it can be hard to track its success without data analytics. By introducing data analytics into your loyalty program plan, you can more easily determine if your program is working, how well and to which audiences. At AtoBI, we have the ability to make the information readily available and easy to understand, so that you can make the best choices for your unique loyalty program.

You bring the Data, We bring the Passion

AtoBI is a dedicated, professional consultancy with a passion for helping businesses achieve their best. An effective, thought out loyalty program is essential for success, and we want to help you make the most of the tools available to you.

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