How to stay agile and make a BI deployment quick and painless


Any company that makes the move to adopt new business intelligence solutions has a great deal of potential. When done right, BI represents a chance to gain more knowledge about your business and its industry and analyse that knowledge to reveal key truths that will drive organisational improvement. There is one snag, however. Deploying such a solution isn’t always easy, and it might disrupt the work your company does already.

It takes time to learn a new BI solution, experiment with it and find ways to use it best.

Learning to love new technologies can be difficult for some people. No significant BI improvement ever came easy – it takes time to learn a new solution, experiment with it and find ways to use it best. This time has a clear opportunity cost. It’s time that your business could spend being productive and profitable.

The key, therefore, is for your business to stay agile. Agility helps you to release a new solution quickly, keeping your employees ready to learn while also still continuing the work they do best.

Agility comes from great leadership

When your company has committed to doing business a certain way for a long time, it’s difficult to shift gears and adopt a new strategy. According to CIO, this transition is unlikely to work well unless you have one key ingredient – strong leadership to guide the process forward and help everyone learn their roles.

Having an agile approach to deploying business intelligence solutions won’t necessarily come easily to everyone. A good leader is someone who makes themselves available to team members throughout the process, helping to address any problems that come up or insecurities that people have.

This leadership figure can’t be just anyone within your team – it has to be a powerful managerial figure who has the authority to make decisions and act upon them quickly. They also must have the sway with your company’s upper-level executives to campaign for more money or other resources that might be necessary for making BI deployment a success.

Building team spirit behind BI

No BI initiative ever succeeded because just one or two people were heading it up. In reality, you need a full team effort to make BI work, as otherwise, you’re bound to have employees wasting time and money on inefficient processes.

Great teamwork is a requirement in BI adoption.Great teamwork is a requirement in BI adoption.

According to CIO Insight, the key is for managers to involve everyone from the outset – both high-level business figures who can lend them support, and subordinate employees who can put in the labour necessary to analyse data and use it. If everyone is on the same page, they can work together to identify the specific questions they’re trying to answer and the analytical strategies they need to answer them.

Team unity is also important because strategies are always changing in BI. New technologies and innovative ways of doing work are constantly being introduced. If your team works together, they can be agile together and move toward common goals as one.

Consulting can help your business evolve

Getting your entire organisation on board with a new BI strategy won’t necessarily be easy. Some members of your staff may require some coaching to learn new technologies and get up to speed. That’s why, at A to BI, we provide tailored consultancy services that are designed to fit the specific needs of your company and its employees.

No two businesses, or staffs, are alike. Therefore, we take the time to get to know your organisation and its people, learn about your unique situation and devise BI strategies that will work. We have years of experience with delivering analytical strategies that have helped companies thrive, and there’s a chance that your company could be next.