How do small businesses benefit from business intelligence?

Business intelligence is a powerful tool in a data-driven world. BI solutions help businesses sift through the mountain of consumer data created daily to find the useful parts that can inform key decisions.

How can your small business better leverage the power of BI tools?How can your small business better leverage the power of BI tools?

SMEs enter the BI scene

While these solutions used to be reserved for bigger companies with much fuller wallets, like most technologies BI has morphed into a more compact and affordable analytical solution, allowing SMEs to enjoy the benefits of these tools.

BI tools provide particularly enticing benefits for small businesses. Once your employees have been trained in how to use these platforms, it can make the process of finding critical data much simpler and less time-consuming. Considering SMEs have fewer employees available to conduct any given task, these time saves can be hugely beneficial.

Additionally, access to BI solutions allows SMEs to better compete with their corporate counterparts. Increased access to business intelligence has made data-driven marketing, sales and overall innovation a much more accessible reality.

By unlocking trends in past performance via data, small business leaders can craft much more predictive strategies for their organisation as a whole – opening up the potential for considerable growth.

So, how can SMEs better leverage their BI capabilities?

Business intelligence tools are an exciting prospect for small businesses.

Invest in training

Business intelligence tools are an exciting prospect for small businesses but just because you buy in to a given platform doesn't mean you will automatically see results. SME leaders need to invest in the necessary training to ensure they have a good grasp on how to navigate BI dashboards, how to effectively extract information and how to focus in on the relevant data.

Leverage consultants

Once you have a good grasp on how to use your new BI platform, it's time to craft a strategy. After all, these tools are nothing without a clear game plan in mind. SMEs can leverage the help of consultants to help define key objectives and how BI functionalities can advance those plans.

Whether it is purchasing your BI platform, seeking out some training or needing some consulting help, A to Bi is here to help. Our experienced team members can help you take the capabilities of BI and maximise your business' core efficiencies. Interested in learning more? Reach out to one of our reps today.