Healthcare Facility in Victoria

The team at AtoBI has worked with many large organisations across Australia, and we were recently approached by a leading specialist cancer treatment and research facility in Victoria to implement an intuitive business intelligence system to provide critical insight into patient management systems.

Given the important nature of the facility, having IT systems capable of supporting operations is essential. When the time came for a revamped analytics solution to help manage patient administration and reporting compliance, the facility turned to AtoBI and Qlikview.

The need for a better system

While the facility had elements of a BI strategy in place beforehand, changes to some core systems meant a more sophisticated solution was required. One issue was the change of critical source systems – most importantly patient administration and a radiotherapy information system. While the old patient admin system was switched off, the team still relied on it as a source for some of its radiotherapy data.

A necessary part of the transition to a new system was gaining the ability to work with particular segments of information at a given time, something that wasn’t easy under the old platform, and the solution in use prior to Qlikview implementation was essentially static.

The facility’s operational planning and performance team examined several other BI options, but already had experience in the Qlikview environment with some reporting, and ultimately decided Qlikview was the tool of choice. The dynamic nature of the product allows them to slice and dice data a lot better, making the process of implementation much smoother.

Experiencing the benefits of Qlikview

AtoBI’s developers not only deliver the solutions to customers, they make sure to work closely with key people throughout the process. This case was no exception – in addition to designing and delivering the new Qlikview solution, they were on hand to assist with every stage of implementation.

For the first day and a half, our application developer sat with the client’s team to gain an understanding of where the data was sitting in the server and how to extract it to the application, and they spent the rest of the time with the key business users. If questions arose, the right people had access to the developer so they could resolve them relatively quickly and move on.

All of that consultation and support resulted in a system that meets the needs of the facility, whether in terms of patient administration or reporting requirements. Being a critical part of Victoria’s healthcare services, there was a significant amount of state-level reporting required which was proving to be a challenge.

AtoBI was able to build a sophisticated, intuitive outpatients dashboard for the facility, providing the ability to grab the extracts that were posing a problem and upload 3-6 months worth in very quick succession.

Moving forward, the Qlikview system is making it easier for our customer to liaise with other agencies, and even expand use of the dashboard into new areas. Submitting monthly data to the Department of Health has been streamlined, and the operational planning and performance team has even been able to internally develop an additional sheet – based on the AtoBI dashboard – to capture further components of the statewide reporting they need.

AtoBI’s success with the the project is the result of years of experience and tireless devotion to providing the solutions our customers require. Speak to us today about your organisation’s own analytics needs.