Embedded Analytics

What is “Embedded Analytics”?

Simply put, it means data visualisations seamlessly integrated into a larger environment, such as a company intranet page.

What’s the benefit?

Traditionally, Business Intelligence (BI) software has been self-contained applications that require installation and training for users, making it a chore for them and increasing maintenance loads on IT teams. This approach has always been a blocker for delivering answers to business questions, since most users are too busy doing their jobs to go hunting for data in slow, difficult-to-use software applications.

Embedding analytics into an existing environment provides relevant, real-world and always up-to-date information to end users in a place that they’re already familiar with. It does not require users to go seeking data or to learn new software applications. Rather, it puts interactive visualisations at their fingertips and keeps the important information front of mind for them all the time.

Not only can embedded analytics provide high-level KPI data to users in a place like a corporate intranet, it can also be used to deliver complete solutions for users requiring detailed analytics tools. This entire scenario can be delivered in-browser and seamlessly integrated into the intranet.

Embedded Analytics allows

  • Ease of use
  • Saves time
  • Central location for all data analysis and reporting
  • Provides the same look and feel interface whilst accessing data from different applications/sources
  • Secure

Sounds great but how do we do it?

While the idea sounds large and very expensive, it doesn’t have to be either of those things. AtoBI can rapidly deliver solutions from small-scale visualisations in existing environments right through to fully interactive, cross-platform analytics applications that integrate data from multiple sources and deliver it in a web browser.