Consultants can help you maximise your company’s BI investment


Organisational leaders everywhere have come to realise the immense power of business intelligence (BI) for improving their operations. When they devote funding to purchasing new BI solutions and using them to analyse their business, modern companies are able to find inefficiencies, address them quickly and build more profitable organisations for the future.

Most of your employees were not born with BI talent. This will take some time.

Of course, one hiccup in this process is the fact that most employees were not born with BI talent. It comes with nurture, usually – not nature. If you have a staff of people with expertise in one particular area – say, healthcare for example – it will take some time to build up their skills with BI, which is an entirely new pursuit, separate from their ordinary duties.

It might prove necessary to bring in outside help for educating your workforce. Fortunately, this is exactly what a skilled consultant should be able to do.

Is it time to hire a professional?

Maximising your IT investment is crucial to the future success of your business. Your company isn’t just investing money into BI solutions – it’s investing time as well. If you don’t make the most of BI, you’re going to waste considerable resources and, in the process, continue to run your business inefficiently.

The Huffington Post advises that it’s wise to go out and hire professionals that can bring your staff members up to speed. This is what the consulting industry is for. Specifically, when you bring in consultants, you want people who will speak your organisation’s language. If you’re looking for someone with expertise in a certain field, such as healthcare consulting, you shouldn’t settle for someone who’s just a BI generalist. Industry knowledge is key.

There’s no reason to skimp on costs when it comes to hiring consulting talent. After all, you shouldn’t view that money as an expense – rather, it’s an investment in the future of your business. You’re spending now so your organisation’s results will be much stronger later.

Find someone with the right skill set

There is one caveat to remember when looking for consulting talent. TechRepublic recently emphasised the point that not all IT professionals, even talented ones, will necessarily make great IT consultants. Someone’s skill set might look great on paper, but that doesn’t mean it will translate to the specific field you work in, nor does it guarantee they’ll be great at teaching their skills to others.

Find consultants who are ready to help with real business problems.Find consultants who are ready to help with real business problems.

Great solution consulting is about having the solutions to all of your employees’ BI issues, whether they’re big or small. People’s challenges might span many different hardware and software solutions, not to mention varying aspects of your business. A marketing BI question might require a dramatically different approach than a sales-based challenge. An adept consultant is someone who’s equally comfortable with both.

Get services tailored to your needs

If your organisation is diving into BI and hoping to optimise its investment, it makes sense to reach out to AtoBI for tailored consultancy services that will help you truly shine. We’re ready to work with your business for the long haul. We’ll begin our process by listening carefully to your concerns; then, we’ll get to work crafting BI strategies that are perfect for you.

If you’ve made the choice to invest in a new BI solution for your organisation, such as Qlik, you want to be sure you’re fully prepared for transition. Fortunately, we have many years of experience helping companies take that leap. Contact us today, and you could be next.