For any business that’s getting up to speed with the latest, it pays to have experts on your side who can lend a helping hand. Our consultants have what it takes.

Supporting Your Company’s Data Needs

For just about any company in the world today, there’s enormous potential in decision making solutions.

If you have the right tools for gathering data, analysing it and finding key truths about your company’s operations, you can use that information to make key improvements and, ultimately, make more money.

This is a complicated long-term process, though. Not every business leader is born with an innate understanding of how it works. Even some very savvy CEOs and CTOs have a blind spot when it comes to implementing analytics solutions and using them optimally. There’s no shame in this. If you or anyone in your company is struggling when it comes to implementing solutions, that’s by no means a death knell – instead, it simply means you need to reach out for a little help.

At AtoBI, we specialise in providing this help. We have a team of technology experts in place that knows how to work closely with you, listen to your concerns and learn your business inside and out. With this knowledge, we can offer you invaluable insights on how to achieve more with your solution.

No matter what toolset you are currently using, we want you to help you make the most of the time and money you’re putting in. Allow us to help.

Figuring out your specific needs

Whenever a business first begins to dip a toe into the world of data analysis, there’s usually a sense of urgency to do as much as possible right away.

If your company is spending a lot of time and money ramping up its use of data analysis, you’re naturally going to want to see fast results. That’s why many business leaders look for shortcuts or easy “one size fits all” results. What’s the fastest way to get up and running, guaranteed?

Unfortunately, it’s almost never that easy. Deploying enterprise solutions is always a complicated process because the steps involved depend on the specific needs of your people and the resources they have. Before you can map out a plan, you need to take a careful look at your business and answer a few key questions. These include:

  • How will you find the data you need to drive your analytics program?
  • Who will have access to this data? How will these individuals share it amongst themselves?
  • What level of data science proficiency do your key personnel have now? How much do they still need to learn?

When you sit down with one of our consultants, their first objective will be to help you answer basic questions like these. The goal is to listen, identify your needs and devise a course of action accordingly.

Maximising your company’s investment

Diving into data analysis is a big step for any business. If you’re taking it, you’re surely only doing so after taking a long pause to examine your organisation’s needs, your finances and how a new solution fits into your long-term business model.

For example, if you’re investing in a new tool, that means you’ve spent a lot of money on the solution itself and a great deal of time and energy into getting your employees set up with it. With all this in mind, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth for that investment.

This is what working with a consultancy is all about – discussing your progress and making sure the investments you’ve made are paying off as expected. There are many different ways to use the products, including the use of desktop and mobile interfaces designed for both individuals and large enterprises. When used correctly, these tools can yield stunning data discoveries and revolutionise your business, but you want to be sure your employees have a strategy for optimal use.

Getting a solid return on your investment requires maximising efficiency in the workplace. This means making sure everyone understands what the solution is capable of. A good consultant can work to reinforce this knowledge, thus assuring your business that your efforts will add value to your organisation.

Our unique approach to Business Consulting

If your employees need a little technical support to help them master the finer points of a solution, that’s not a problem. At AtoBI, we are able to offer that support.

We begin our solution consulting process with careful listening. From there, we move on to developing tools that will help solve your company’s most pressing problems. Contact us today if you’re ready to begin this process and embark on the path towards a more efficient, profitable business.

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