At AtoBI, we are passionate about the work we do in the healthcare industry. We want to make your organisation smarter and more efficient. But, more importantly we want to help you in the day to day work so that you can help your patients.

Transforming Health With Quality Solutions

At AtoBI, we see healthcare as a key focus area for our business. This is the case for many reasons..

For starters, it’s an area that’s growing quickly, and the amount of data that healthcare professionals use every day is increasing at a rapid pace. As such, medical records are being digitised in droves, and this brings many concerns.

Will your organisation’s data be secure? Will you be able to analyse it efficiently and improve patients’ lives? These are questions that affect every one of us, and we strive to help our clients find answers. Health is an industry that we not only enjoy working in, but it also has a direct relevance to every one of us. We have a unique approach that’s proven over the years to get results – let’s walk through it together.

Making the healthcare industry more efficient

As we go about working with healthcare organisations, our overall goal is to make their analytics projects more efficient.

This is a straightforward concept – you have smart people, and the last thing you want is for them to waste their time doing “dumb” work.

What do we mean by “dumb” you ask? In short, processes that are unnecessarily rote or time-consuming. If you have people sitting at their desks copying and pasting data into Excel spreadsheets for hours at a time, there’s a good chance they could be doing that same work in a more efficient manner. People don’t need to spend their days painstakingly constructing reports – there’s a better way.

At AtoBI, we seek to deliver our clients templates for better healthcare analytics that will help them reach the next level. No matter what challenges you’re facing, we’ll find a way that your organisation can tackle them head-on without any time or other resources going to waste.

Figuring out your organisation’s needs

It’s not always easy to design healthcare data solutions that are perfect for every organisation’s needs.

Before we can make a determination about your business and its infrastructure, we need to sit down with you, discuss your situation and figure out what is the best solution for you.

Our engagement model begins with a discussion that takes place between the customer and one of our Consultants. From there, we’ll give you a scope estimate and a ballpark figure for what your new health informatics system will cost, and after that, we can begin to discuss delivery.

Implementing a new health solution, whether for one individual hospital or for an entire health network, is always a challenging process. That’s why we have an agile development methodology that we use to drive iterative and highly visible development cycles. We’ll find out what your needs are and how to meet them.

Work with the most passionate people in the business

You can have your pick from any number of healthcare analytics experts, but if you choose to work with AtoBI, you’ll get to work with highly capable people who are passionate about helping organisations deliver quality care.

When you look to find the best healthcare consultants, you want an organisation that can cover all corners of the industry – hospitals, insurers, primary health networks, educators and more.

We’re confident that our people can do that. Moreover, we are active in the healthcare community, organising roundtable discussion events and collaborating with educators to share ideas about improving patient care. We want what’s best for everyone in the industry.

Get personalised service that works for you

When it comes to getting consulting help with health IT,
everyone has different needs and we want to make sure yours are met.

Whether you’re a complete beginner to analytics or an expert who just needs a couple of tips with tweaking your approach, we’ll deliver the service you need. At AtoBI, we’re committed to building solutions that will meet a wide range of health analytics needs. These include patient care, financial analysis, HR functions and much more. We’re willing to work with all teams, at all levels, to ensure their business needs are met and help them develop to their fullest potential.

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