Back to business: Emphasising the B in BI

In such a digitally advanced society we've become accustomed to the notion that for every business need there is an app to match. And while we are lucky to live in a world where this is true to some extent, every digital component relies heavily on something that can not be replicated by any software or platform: business strategy.

Tech doesn't exist in a vacuum. It lives among much more complex human processes – from expectations to understandings. A business intelligence solution is only as good as the business skills that back it.

To move forward with your BI tools in the best way possible, you first need to create solid strategies. To move forward with your BI tools, you first need to create solid strategies.

Data-driven projects are not reaching their full potential for this very reason. According to a study by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC), over 40 per cent of businesses derive little substantial benefit from their data and 23 per cent receive none at all.

While companies have access to high-performing tech they are not putting in the groundwork to support data-backed business projects.

The bottom line: It's time to put the business back in business intelligence. Here's how it's done:

Define your goals: In order to truly emphasise the business in business intelligence you need to get a firm grasp on what your business purpose is for a given project and the value it provides your organisation. Gather the major players on your team, drop the tech and have a conversation about your goals.

Understand your data: It's important to determine what data you will need to be looking at within your BI platform, what it means and how to measure your successes and failures. This will require another strategy session with your team.

Let these decisions drive you: Now that you have specified what you want and how to identify success, stick to the plans you set. Don't let the data overwhelm you. Be smart and focused when it comes to the use of your BI tools and make sure everything you are doing is driven by your pre-defined business objectives. 

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Companies across Australia are adopting business intelligence solutions like Qlik at a rapid rate. They have the tools ready but now it's time to take these investments to the next level by emphasising the business in business intelligence.

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