About Us

Unlocking the Power within your Data

Why AtoBI?

AtoBI is a business solutions consultancy that gives you the insight and power you need to strengthen and grow your business.

We are passionate problem solvers who help you understand and leverage your data. Our intelligent, real time dashboards provide everything you require to make smart decisions and maximise value for your customers and your business.

AtoBI gives you the confidence to know, act and achieve.

We create and deliver business solutions and services that will unlock the levers you need to strengthen and grow your business. Our aim is to give you valuable, real time insights to make smart, confident and effective decisions. We want you to understand what’s really happening in your business and what you can influence. And, to get real time insight and the answers you need to make smart business decisions.

Leadership Team

Alex Graydon

Chief Technical Officer

Alex has over 20 years experience in  IT consultancy. He likes to ask why and is not fazed by the unknown,  he knows there is a solution and he will find it.

 As AtoBI’s Chief Technical Officer and  Alex has a vested interest in all our project deliverables.  He has a deep understanding across all industries with a high level of experience in Healthcare. This ensures that the team always have the right skill level, the correct knowledge and are using our successful methodologies throughout the project.  Alex is the highest achieving elite consultant globally across all Qlik Partners.  Alex is held in the highest regard and customer references are available upon request.  

Ben Mills

UX Leader

Ben  has over 15 years experience in Business Intelligence and  did his QlikView training at QlikTech in Sweden and taught the public courses for QlikTech in England and with another partner before setting up AtoBI with Alex.

Ben knows how important it is to build the best team and he believes AtoBI are doing exactly that. We all share a passion for delivery, honesty and happy customers and staff. 

Ben firmly believes AtoBI is the A-Team, we have exceptional skills, talent and experience  and that together we can tackle any challenge and make a significant difference for our customers.

Elaine Graydon

Chief Executive Officer

As AtoBI’s CEO Elaine sets the direction and strategy the for AtoBI’s growth in product and solution partnerships. Elaine has a deep understanding of our customers and their issues.  She ensures that AtoBI delivers on its promises to our customers as they grow and change.

Elaine drives AtoBI to be the best and to deliver the best of breed solutions for our customers.

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