About Us

Unlocking the Power within your Data

Why AtoBI?

AtoBI is a business solutions consultancy that gives you the insight and power you need to strengthen and grow your business.

We are passionate problem solvers who help you understand and leverage your data. Our intelligent, real time dashboards provide everything you require to make smart decisions and maximise value for your customers and your business.

AtoBI gives you the confidence to know, act and achieve.

We create and deliver business solutions and services that will unlock the levers you need to strengthen and grow your business. Our aim is to give you valuable, real time insights to make smart, confident and effective decisions. We want you to understand what’s really happening in your business and what you can influence. And, to get real time insight and the answers you need to make smart business decisions.

Leadership Team

Elaine Graydon

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of AtoBI, Elaine is the guiding force behind AtoBI’s successful strategy. Using her true understanding of the customer experience, and potential challenges they might face, Elaine has directed the growth of many thriving product and solution partnerships for AtoBI. With her years of management experience, Elaine inspires and drives all staff at AtoBI, ensuring that key customer business decisions are made with confidence.

Thanks to Elaine, all AtoBI customers are continually supported as they grow and change. Using the AtoBI Core Values of Leadership, Integrity and Teamwork, Elaine ensures that AtoBI is a trusted advisor businesses can rely on. For Elaine, it is important that AtoBI customers have a personalised, professional experience.It is because of her dedication, and AtoBI’s Core Values, that AtoBI has a 99% customer partnership retention rate.

Elaine is always driving AtoBI to be the best it can possibly be. AtoBI thrives under her leadership, and therefore delivers the highest quality business solutions available.

Alex Graydon

Chief Technical Officer

AtoBI’s Chief Technical Officer Alex is renowned for finding solutions which continually exceed customer expectations. As the world of data changes, new innovations allow Alex to provide our customers with more efficient strategic options.

Alex has over 20 years of experience in the IT consultancy industry. He tackles the unknown headon, and this confidence is instilled into his team. Because of this, Alex and his team are able to provide our consultants with the knowledge they need, allowing everyone at AtoBI to be up to date on new ideas and the best practices for customers. 

Similar to the famous quote ‘Creativity is just connecting things’, Alex is able to make connections and solve problems with ease. With his management and guidance, our consultants are able to work through and solve any problem presented to them. Where there is a solution, AtoBI will find it.

AtoBI is known for the technical value we bring to our customers, and Alex is the driving force behind this.

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