AtoBI understands data, especially health data and with the right technology, delivery approach and exceptional team AtoBI works with you to ensure that your data provides you with the insights to improve patient care and outcomes.

Over the last few years, Activity Based Funding (ABF) has proven to be a very efficient model for universal access to quality and cost-efficient healthcare in Australia. In addition to ensuring financial sustainability, more and more healthcare organisations are shifting from pure activity-based care to value-based care. This approach measures the quality of Patient Outcomes in addition to costs and safety indicators: DRGs, Hospital Acquired Complications (HAC), occupancy rates…

Patient-Reported Measures (PROM) have been used around the globe as a good approach through standardised questionnaires (EQ-5D, SF-12, EPIC-26…)

As leaders in the provision of Healthcare based solutions and services AtoBI helps providers take better strategic decisions by:

  • Providing instant and streamlined access to key metrics and KPIs right down to the patient level (HAC, DRG analysis, Costs…)
  • Allowing easy benchmarking against other health players using NHCDC data
  • Collect, consolidate and analyse Patient Outcome data automatically
  • Cleanse and improve the quality of Coding & Documentation data
  • Simulate the impact of future actions on the performance through what-if scenario & driver-based planning


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