4 keys to building a strong IT consulting team in Australia


When your employees run into difficulties with business intelligence, it pays to have a team of consultants on hand that can diagnose problems and work to find solutions. The key word there is “team.” For your consultants to band together and achieve real results, they’ll need to collaborate well in everything they do.

How can your consultants not only learn the BI skills they need, but also develop a sense of teamwork?

What does it take to build this sense of collaboration? How can your consultants not only learn all the skills they need to achieve BI success, but also develop a sense of teamwork and achieve more together than they would separately?

Building a company tech support team is no small challenge. To help smooth things along, the following are four proven strategies for forming a strong IT consulting team in Australia.

1. Align your IT strategy with your company strategy

Most business leaders, when asked to name the key to building a great tech support team, will say something about expertise with enterprise solutions for BI. The truth is that’s part of the answer, but not all of it. Ideally, you’d do more than just deploy BI solutions – you’d do so in such a way that your tech strategies aligned with the long-term goals of your business. This can take some tinkering to get right.

2. Get proactive about solving BI problems

If your team members are really in sync, they’ll be so in tune with the company’s needs that they can detect problems before they even happen. If there’s a certain skill your workforce is lacking, or a gap in the organisation’s knowledge, your team should be able to address the problem quickly and deal with it proactively.

When things go well in business, document your successes and learn from them.When things go well in business, document your successes and learn from them.

3. Learn from all of your successes

In solution consulting, you want your business partners to learn how your company works and adapt as they go. A key part of this effort is taking the time to document the problems you encounter and the fixes you discover for them. The more successes you have, the more you’ll be able to apply this knowledge and achieve at a higher level in the future.

4. Never stop communicating – or listening

IT consulting is an ongoing pursuit. Your team can’t simply listen to your concerns once and then move on – you’ve got to keep communicating and have consultants who are willing to continually listen and adjust their strategies accordingly.

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