3 of the latest trends to watch in business intelligence

There are plenty of business leaders out there who have already begun to invest in business intelligence (BI). After all, increasing interest in BI has been one of the most notable trends across the business world in recent years.

What's changed so far in 2016 and the early part of 2017 in the world of business intelligence?

But for many leaders who have been at it for a few years now, there's a growing sense of worry that their strategies are becoming outdated. What trends do they need to be aware of if they want to remain current? What's changed recently in the world of business intelligence?

Let's go over the latest business intelligence trends in Australia and how your company can adjust to them on the fly.

3 of the most notable trends

Curious about the latest business intelligence trends to watch as we enter 2017? You're in luck, because the most recent Gartner research has turned up a few key developments you should watch in 2017:

  1. The movement these days is towards "advanced analytics." In other words, companies are adopting enterprise solutions for gathering data faster and analysing it more efficiently than ever before. This helps them keep the budget lean and compete with business rivals at an entirely new level.
  2. Smart data discovery is a key point of emphasis. The current tools aren't always the best for clustering and linking data, or for finding correlations in complex data sets. That process is evolving.
  3. Another objective is to empower employees. Everything in technology today is moving toward self-service, and analytics is no different. The goal in 2017 will be to give every worker the tools they need to crunch the numbers themselves, quickly and independently.
Give employees the power to control their own BI destiny.

How your business can capitalise today

Knowing what the major business intelligence trends to watch are is only half the battle; the other half is actually capitalising on them by taking fast action at your place of business. This is now an imperative for everyone. PCMagazine correctly noted that we're seeing a democratisation of business intelligence solutions – companies of all sizes, in all industries, are getting involved.

That means you need to climb aboard the bandwagon, lest you risk being left behind. Fortunately, at AtoBI, we offer tailored consultancy services that should make that process easier. Talk to us today about how you can act upon the latest BI trends and bring your organisation up to speed. No matter what type of work you do, we can help you do it better.